NDB Investment Bank

NDB Investment Bank Limited (NDBIB), formed in 1997 as a joint venture between National Development Bank PLC and Citibank N.A, successfully completed its 10 year anniversary. Over the years, NDBIB has been recognized as the market leader for both Debt & Equity structuring and placements while consolidating its unique position to leverage upon the local expertise of the NDB group.

As the investment banking arm of National Development Bank PLC, NDBIB provides advisory services in the areas of debt and equity structuring and distribution, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, equity placements, privatization and infrastructure development. NDBIB builds on the synergies provided by the local group network, global working relationships and customer base of its parent companies, as well as on strong relationships developed with major Commercial Banks, Unit Trusts and Pension/Provident Funds who actively participate in deals originated by the company.

These financial solutions are accessible to customers via its network of 82 islandwide branches.

NDBIB has pioneered the introduction of a number of financial products/services to the Sri Lankan financial market namely cross border swaps, securitizations bespoke for diverse industries and Islamic financing products. The Company was the first to initiate a book-building for the pricing of initial public offerings in Sri Lanka. It has also been successful in structuring a product for the securitization of Islamic Leases (Ijarah) taking into account the intricacies of the Sri Lankan tax and legal environment and continues its strategy to provide value addition through innovative products and services.The Company has secured a distinctive brand for the introduction of utility and plantation securitizations in the sphere of financial products.

NDBIB thrives on its ability to furnish its clients with optimum prices and placement of issues with local and foreign investors on equitable grounds. The Company has directed and managed some successful Colombo Stock Exchange related transactions including the largest ever equity issue on the Colombo bourse.

NDBIB capitalizes on its experienced and dedicated team, which offers a unique combination of local and foreign expertise.